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Welcome to Silfio Pizza

Here in Silfio we take pizza making very seriously!

Since 2014, every day we knead the dough with tried and true pure ingredients which have made our pizza everybody's favourite!

We carefully choose the best ingredients for our pizzas' toppings to create exciting flavors!

Our crispy dough reminds you of Italy and has been characterized by many as unique!

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Fresh pure ingredients
Fresh pure ingredients

Tried and true ingredients that make up the most enjoyable flavors!

Italian menu
Italian menu

Authentic Italian cuisine in the city of Heraklion!

Excellent service
Excellent service

Excellent service in a beautifully designed space!

Delivery to your door
Delivery to your door

Instant delivery in your area free of charge!

Gallery Album

Photo gallery

Enjoy the images of our delicious products and a splendid space!